Vertu Agriculture company

Is a company registered under the laws of Liberia with head office located in Duazon Margibi County, Liberia. Vertu Agriculture Company is a symbol of the Vertu Group of companies’ commitment to the agricultural sector of the Liberian economy.


Our History & Purpose

Agriculture remains the mainstay of the generality of Liberian though largely at the subsistence level. Vertu Agriculture Company entered the Agric sector to explore and make an impact in cash cropping, massively developing its farmlands. Today, the farm is a forward-integrated organic farms. Presently, the farms consist of 472.29 hectares of oil palms, rice, cocoa, coffee and other crops at different stages of maturity. The farms are located in Bomi, Bassa and other places. Vertu Agriculture company involves in helping make Liberia self-sufficient in growing organic food. Considering the fact that Liberia has one of the best rainforest in west Africa. We are growing rice, pepper, vegetables, palm, coconut, cocoa, coffee, cashew, etc.

Vertu Agriculture company has registered over 10 different crops which includes Rice, Pepper, Vegetables, Palm, Coconut, Cocoa, Coffee, Cashew etc. Our warehouses are located at strategic locations to make sure that defined markets are supplied. We are also represented by distributors in nearly all the counties in Liberia and we critically make market analysis in other to deliver on time and at competitive price.

What We Aspires

With our eco-farming, and sustainable development practices in alignment with our hope to spread conservative farming practices nationwide, we aspire the following:

  • To produce over 5% of the country staple food (rice, cassava, pepper, vegetables, etc.)
  • To maintain a regional network in the counties where our distribution centers give access to all major market in the various counties.
  • To curve a niche for ourselves as a company through organic farming methods

We Have Thoughts What We Believe

Our Vision

Is to be Liberia’s most dynamic Agricultural company with reputation for integrity, efficiency and effectiveness...

Our Values

In all our dealings with our stakeholders, Vertu is dedicated to the following principles.

  • Integrity—we do what we say
  • Inclusive—we welcome every voice
  • Innovative—we stay relevant
  • Initiative—we go above and beyond
  • Impact—what we do matters
  • Invested—we love what we do
  • Our Mission

    Is to make Liberia self sufficient in food production.

    We are A Brand