Our History & Purpose

Vertu Group of Companies is a diverse and multi-cultural company that is branched in multiple business sectors around the world. We have adapted a customer tailored approach to best suit our dear clients with efficency and top-notch quality overall.

At Vertu, We know the success of any business is its customers, therefore, our customers are our first priority. We have the expertise and techical know how to perfectly match customers need to what they want.

Vertu entails providing efficient, rapid, and friendly services that will build strong relationships with our customers. We take positive and negative customer's feedback very important.


Branches of Vertu Group of Companies

  1. Foundation
  2. Construction
  3. Agriculture
  4. Entertaiment
  5. MiniMart
  6. Mining

Our Corporate Responsibility

We ensured that we conduct our business in a way that is ethical. That means, we take into account of the social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights. We there complaince with the following:
  • Environmental Sustainability Initiatives
  • Direct Philanthropic Giving
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Economic Responsibility

What We Believe

Our Vision

Is to build a company with worldwide reputation for integrity, efficiency and effectiveness in Liberia.

Our Values

In all our dealings with our stakeholders, Vertu is dedicated to the following principles:

  1. Integrity—we do what we say
  2. Inclusive—we welcome every voice
  3. Innovative—we stay relevant
  4. Initiative—we go above and beyond
  5. Impact—what we do matters
  6. Invested—we love what we do

Our Mission

Is to provide unique, excellent and world class technological skills and services of International standards, utilizing State-of the-Art technology that will meet the specific requirements of our clients.


With regards to our clients or sponsors the company will:

  • Endeavour to understand our clients’ in-depth needs in specific project & situations
  • Give objective advice based on our experience, collective judgment and constraints of the government statutory requirements (national, county or local).
  • Provide staff personnel having the highest level of technical competence appropriate for our client’s requirements and supplement their efforts with qualified outside consultants, where necessary and maintain the confidentiality of information obtained from or provided to our clients, unless otherwise agreed
  • Strive to develop warm friendly personal relationship with each client, business associates, consultants and suppliers